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Yafeite management system rectification work is paying off

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      This year, to standardize the production and group operating managementfurther, the group issued a safety office, and management aspects of the management system. Positive actions of various departments, in accordance withworking group meetings requirements, and promote the fine management, middle management and team focus its accounting management system rectification work. After six months of intense work, rectification has achieved remarkable results.
      In the rectification work, the group of the original management system was amended to supplement and improve the learning of the group management system. The company has specifically defined the rectification work responsibilities, the first responsibility of the person responsible for each department, and it is the department manager who will be responsible for department management clean-up.The work covers all kinds of administration and management systems, safety management system, production and technological processes, mechanical and electrical transportation management systems, finance, planning, business management, human resources, audit, monitoring, environmental protection and other companies involved in all aspects of daily production and operation management system and institutional changes.
      According to the changes of company system, we addedsome relevant management system, which achieved evidence to work, and rules to follow.

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